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Yoga today, benefits tomorrow

Yoga is hugely popular around the world today, yet until now little has been known of its origins. Western intellectuals “discovered” yoga at the end of the nineteenth and it has since been deeply influenced by Western spiritual and religious ideas, representing in many respects a radical break from the grass-roots yoga extraction of India.

The term Yoga has many different meanings and interpretations these days, it’s hard to keep up. The term is thrown into the mix with flexibility, wellness, natural, health, love, etc, it seems that Yoga has become more popular. With it being offered on so many different and various online and offline platforms it’s difficult to understand it with all the information available to us.

The actual meaning of Yoga is “to yoke” or union, but I believe that Yoga has multiple meanings in different phases of life. Life throws so many curve balls our way that every moment, every thought, every action is sometimes forgotten, misunderstood or even discarded. The meaning of Yoga is life, and the practice is our journey of self through opening not just our physical but our miraculous minds to our true essence.

Some go to Yoga to stretch, some to rest, some to work out and some to get closer to the Source. However as the practice deepens and we continue on in the journey we come to realise that the term Yoga means so much more than the funky mandala you see painted on a wall, you look past the different styles of tights, mats and hairstyles and you start to sense it. Rather than see Yoga you start to live as Yoga.

Everyone can benefit from yoga, young and old. It doesn’t matter what level you are at because you always get something out of the practice. Active Mind Body currently has five classes a week and you can view the timetable here

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