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Why we love Small Group Training

Small Group Training aka “Squads” is a term we are hearing more and more often in gyms. It’s fair to say that Interval training has become the most recent fad. It’s come with the introduction of trends such as CrossFit and F45 classes. Before that we had long lines out of gyms for all of the fabulousness that comes with your standard Les Mills Aerobic or Body Pump classes. Preceding that, we had “Generation Iron” with an influx of gym goers on an Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired body building workout plan. Here’s why small group training is here to stay.

Finding the right Fitness Program is key to weight loss and a healthier you. As with most things, workout fads come and go but some of the reasons that small group training works are:

·         Time management – We’re busy people, most people want to get in and get out. That’s why some gyms now even have express 30 minute classes.

·         Personalised experience – The fitness professional can change and adapt to routines to meet the needs of the group and because they are not delivered a packaged solution you’ll get modifications, you’ll get regressions and you’ll get progressions. Ultimately, you’ll be pushed to awaken your training potential.

·         Economical – Small Group training means you split the cost and definitely get more for your money.

·         Motivation – Having someone exercising right beside you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own and gives you a reason to keep coming back.

·         Fun – Yes, fun. You should hear the giggles that come out of our squad training room, better yet checkout our Facebook photos to see their expressions!

So, with that said I guess you’re wondering why we’re different?

As a Pilates studio, technique and injury prevention is always uppermost in our mind. That’s where AMB Squad packs has the edge. Along with giving you personalised, small group sessions encompassing your weight and cardio training, we have packaged Pilates with our Squad sessions for new clients.

Our AMB Squad has been tailor made to suit your needs, whilst giving you the expertise, support and motivation that you need to push the limits of your training whilst keeping them safe and injury free. These circuit based classed work on training intervals with cardio and weights to make you fitter and strong. They are small group training, designed to get the heart racing, the endorphins flowing and the adrenaline pumping! We believe if you are going to push your body to the limits then your body needs time to recover and rest. For new members, we’ll throw in two Casual Pilates group classes to be taken at your leisure!

Do you have your own Squad you’d like to train with or perhaps you’d like us to match you with a new group of pals?  We will be creating Squad Teams of between 4-5 people in timeslots that are recommended by our members – you tell us when you want to train. Enquire today and tell us what times suit you.


At $99* for three AMB Squad sessions, how could you go wrong? No memberships, joining fees or contracts, you just need to commit to your squad. And we will give you two Bonus Pilates classes for the month of MARCH! Buy online here

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