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Why chose a Private Pilates Session?

Pilates focuses on the development of core strength, stability, posture and body awareness. It is low impact, with limited cardio and is suitable for nearly anyone including professional sports people, seniors, pre and post-natal and those undertaking physical rehabilitation as recommended by a doctor. It’s also a great option if you just want to look good in your swimmers!  Pilates is focused on posture and alignment and often it may only be a small movement between doing an exercise right (and therefore effectively) or incorrectly and risking injury. Many studios offer Private or Semi-Private Sessions to supplement regular Pilates or fitness training, it’s a proven way to improve your Pilates techniques and increase confidence and knowledge during these intimate sessions.


The most obvious benefit of having a private Pilate’s Session is that you have the instructor’s undivided attention meaning better technique in the Pilates method, better execution of exercises, better proprioception (body awareness) and faster progression and results.

Private Sessions are great option if you:

·         have Pilates experience but would like to take your training to the next level to meet goals

·         are new to Pilates and would like to build some knowledge before taking a class

·         have not used Pilates Reformer machines before and would like some instruction away from group classes

·         are recovering from an injury and have been advised to do Pilates

·         would just like a few sessions to check and help improve your technique

·         are pregnant or post-natal and want to make sure you are doing the best for you and bub


Whether you’re interested in taking your practice to the next level, or have a specific injury that requires extra personalised attention, 1:1 sessions are a great option to give your training an edge. These private sessions are held with one of our experienced Master Trainer, in our studio at a time that is convenient for you.


Our dedicated room for Semi Privates Reformer Pilates fits a maximum 4-5 people to a session. Our smaller group training sessions are with a Master Trainer and are much like private personal training sessions, these are specifically designed to meet the participant’s needs in the group and cater for their varied fitness levels. They are a great option to bring a few friends together to train. And splitting the cost with a small group means you reap all the benefits of your own trainer at a much reduced price. Means you can do even more sessions!


50 mins for one-on-one costs $95 per session.  5 Sessions is $435 or you can buy 10 Sessions for $800


45 mins with maximum 4-5 people is $45 per person per session.  6 Sessions are $240. If you like the sound of our Semi Private Sessions ask about our Spring Special – 5 Sessions for $99, but hurry ends 31st December.

You can learn more about our Pilates Instructors here or view the timetable here.

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