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The many benefits of Yin Yoga

Many people are talking about trying Yin Yoga but how do you know if it’s right for you? Derived from traditional yoga poses Yin poses have been renamed to distinguish them from traditional practices. From a physical standpoint, yin postures are all about release. Postures and breath-work focus on manipulating the fascia, the deep connective tissues around individual and muscle groups. When practiced regularly it will improve circulation in the joints and other tissues and increase overall flexibility and. Sounds good doesn’t it!

Origins of Yin Yoga

Kung Fu master Cho Chat Ling Yin first brought  the practice to the United States,  originating as a Chinese Taoist movement. Cho Chat Ling  passed the teachings on to Paulie Zink, who became an accomplished martial artist and Taoist Yoga practitioner. He created ‘Yin and Yang’ yoga classes, combining Asanas and disciplines from Hatha Yoga, Taoist Yoga and other disciplines. This style was known as Yin Yoga. Paul Grilley, a disciple of Zink, tuned Yin Yoga slightly, using his familiarity of anatomy and Chinese Medicine. Sarah Powers was a student of Grilley, and she advanced Yin Yoga by using her knowledge of Meridian systems. She developed Yin Yoga sequences to stimulate the energy channels and to bring the focus more on the breath.

The focus during the practice of Yin Yoga is inwards and meditative and the teacher can choose to guide the students into an even deeper meditative state by giving ‘Dharma talks’. These are monologues about the body, the poses or the nadis (channels of energy in the body).

Yin Yoga VS Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga shares some similarities with Hatha Yoga but also has some significant differences. Because the Asanas look alike, but have different alignment and benefits, the names of the Asanas can differ. Hatha is a slower-paced practice, which focuses on breathing and basic poses, so it’s a great practice for beginners.

Yin yoga is a great starting point for those who want to quiet the mind with meditation and is also ideal for fitness buffs in need of releasing tension in overworked joints. Both yoga styles aim to create inner peace and a meditative state of mind, however in a different approach.

We have Yoga classes suitable for all levels because with Yoga you should always listen to your body and go at your own pace. Each day will be different but then that’s why it’s perfect for everyone.

Check the Active Mind Body timetable for our next Yin Yoga class and come along to lower stress levels, increase stamina, improve lubrication and protect your joints. Remember you can always but a casual class pass for just $25 or trial our studio with our special Intro Offer of of Five classes for $50 – choose from Yoga, Barre, and Pilates Reformer Classes!

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