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The Benefits of Hyper Core Pilates Class – Low Pressure Fitness

We are introducing a New Class at Active Mind Body called, Hyper Core Pilates – Low Pressure Fitness

Hyper Core Pilates -Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a holistic approach to core and posture training that focuses on training the involuntary function of the core and pelvic floor. This helps to:

• Better support your organs

• Maintain posture and stability

• Regulate breathing patterns

It trains your involuntary abdominal and back muscles improving the tone, but also incorporates your diaphragm and pelvic floor making it an all encompassing tool.

It is a revolution in core and posture training.

EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM LPF If you want to strengthen your core muscles and have toned but flexible muscles along with a more efficient breathing pattern, then LPF is the new exercise choice for you. If you suffer with low back pain or neck pain, pelvic pain, abdomen or pelvic floor weakness or recently gone through a pregnancy you will also benefit from LPF. If you have any physical ailments that do not allow you to perform high intensity, higher impact exercises, then is right for you.

Why Choose LPF? Excessive intra-abdominal pressure can have a negative impact on different parts of the body, such as the back, abdomen and pelvic floor. Therefore, with this form of low intensity and physical impact exercise, you can learn how to tone your abdominals, improve your posture and increase self-confidence with low intraabdominal pressure.



Help your body recover from the stress associated with pregnancy and delivery. Low Pressure Fitness can help you get your body back faster & help fix or prevent several aspects associated with having a beautiful baby.

• Repair Diastasis

• Rebuild Your Abdominal Wall • Repair your Pelvic Floor

• Improve your Posture

• Tone Your Waistline Safely


First, understand that incontinence is VERY COMMON and can happen to anyone. So whether you are currently suffering in silence or would like to simply prevent this from ever happening to you – Low Pressure Fitness could be your answer!

LPF is an non-invasive method that is proven to have a positive effect on both prevention & treatment.


Traditional training puts tremendous strain on our bodies. The constant impact our bodies endure can weaken our pelvic floor. Recently, industry professionals have

become aware that traditional core exercises are causing more harm than good – especially to women. Hyper Core Pilates can help you train while helping repair & prevent further damage.

Back Pain & Posture

There are a lot of factors that can cause back pain and influence our posture. Desk jobs, cell phones, old injuries and even gravity. Hyper Core Pilates works the postural chain muscles to help strengthen the muscles while decompressing and elongating the spine.

The result? Improved posture and less back pain!

Sexual Function

Improving sexual function is a great bonus effect that they have found from the years of studying the LPF technique. Hyper Core Pilates builds strength in the pelvic floor muscles which are needed to contract for a strong orgasm. It also stimulates & increases blood flow to the area, which creates greater sensation & therefore greater sexual pleasure.


This is the somewhat vain part – but a beautiful bonus to learning the LPF technique. The various exercises help to tone the waistline from the inside out, creating a slimmer and flatter waistline. (Avg. 8% reduction!)

And PS – there are some Victoria Secret models who used Hyper Core Pilates to get their bikini bodies back after they had their babies.

Book a class via our website www.activemindbody.com.au from 14th June 2018

Blog written by Rosana Santos

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