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We are so proud of our studio and the community we have built, check out some of our Reviews

Absolutely love the classes and people!

friendly staff that are helpful for a beginner like myself.
~ Bronte ~

Love this Pilates studio.

Great instructors with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.
~ Melissa ~

Fantastic studio, friendly fun and everyone says Hi.

Just what the shire needed – absolutely love it ! Thank you !
~  Nicole ~

Just started coming to active mind body..absolutely love it!

Everyone is friendly and very helpful for a beginner like myself.
~ Bridget ~

I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had hip pain throughout the night on both sides.

I started coming here and it has basically gone.
~ Joanna ~

Love this studio.

Clean, modern, great classes and fab teachers. Met a whole bunch of new people and also run into a few old mates.
~  Amanda ~

This place is a great to go get fit and healthy and with awesome teachers

you are in great hands as they have a wealth of knowledge.
~  Sacha ~

A fabulous workout again this morning!

You are spoilt with the choice of classes, expert instructors who really know how to get the best out of you.
~ Louise ~

The atmosphere and people here are by far what makes this place my happy place.

Would highly recommend this studio to everyone wanting a positive change.
~ Cate ~

I feel like I finally found this “balance” everyone always talks about.

I’ve learned how to care for my body so it can live it’s healthiest and strongest life.
~ Jenessa ~

My experience in this studio is amazing, barely two weeks and I love it!

The cleanliness, the vast experience of my teachers I feel at home whenever I am exercising.
~ Cate ~

Active Mind and Body completely changed the way I look at fitness and health.

They have not only helped me look better but honestly have made me feel better mentally.
~ Jenessa ~

Barre fit sound easy wait you try, the calories you burn as your core strength is achieved.

The balance you learn some things I never thought my body can do and now I can.
~ Cate ~

Can’t praise the Pilates instructors enough at Active Mind Body.

I’m certainly reaping the health benefits by attending 5 classes a week for someone in their 60’s. Thank you everyone.
~ Sue ~

Such a fun, supportive and motivating studio.

A diverse range of teachers and classes that cater for all fitness levels. Clean, modern facilities, AWESOME reformer classes. Highly recommend.
~ Hayley ~

Absolutely loving my Pilates classes.

They are also extremely reasonably priced. I did a lot of research as I thought I couldn’t afford to do Pilates but this place has the best value in the Shire.
~ Joanna ~

Barre Box is such a fun Energizing class.

All of the classes at Active Mind Body are always great but the combination of intensity, variety and great music in Barre box made it a perfect workout.
Thanks guys  ~

Being new to the area I was looking for a place to call home

Active Mind Body is exactly what I was looking for.The classes are all really great, with a good variety to choose from. So happy I found this studio!
 ~ Rebecca ~ 

This studio is amazing!

I have been a member for the past year and have had such great results, struggled from sciatica and reformer Pilates has really helped build up my strength. I also love the Barre Box class!
~ Kendell ~

Great place to be, full of laughter.

Tried the Barre Box and Hallelujah the best exercise I have done, the energy in the class is on another level. Thank you for making my classes awesome and longing for the next one.
~ Wambui ~

I look forward to attending the classes at the studio.

All instructors provide great classes that allow me to fully switch off my busy mind and focus on the present. As well as increasing my strength, flexibility and wellbeing!
~ Tayla ~

The Barre Box Class is awesome and the energy in this class is on another level

Great for conditioning. The Technique Reformer is another class I have quite enjoyed, the focus in this class is amazing, great for strength training.
~ Cate ~

Active Mind Body has helped my body and mind immensely.

All the staff are caring, friendly and extremely helpful. Its a great space and affordable prices makes it easy to stay committed and focused on helping your body feel much better.
~ Cath ~

I love the atmosphere, the instructors are friendly and approachable.

I began Pilates due to lower back pain and since joining I have increased my strength and flexibility, in particular I have core strength and minimal back pain.
Domenique ~ 

I love Active Mind Body! I have been going regularly for a year now!

The teachers are fantastic and Reformer Pilates is amazing, I think it should be compulsory in school, it would stop many aches and pains in later life! Can’t imagine life without it!
~ Jo ~

I never thought I would say I love exercise !

I have been coming for about 3 months now , at least 4 times a week, that’s how much I enjoy the classes. Everyone is always happy and it’s a great atmosphere and I feel fantastic and I am so much stronger.
~ Brigit ~

A variety of classes and class times.

A very well run studio with great facilities, teachers and location ! Plenty of parking options available. I’m thoroughly enjoying my reformer classes and looking forward to trying out further classes like Barre and yoga.
~ Helen ~

I can honestly say that I love this studio!

There is such a range in classes that are not only challenging, but rewarding and fun. The owner, instructors and members are all so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend coming along and giving it a try.
~ Kendal ~

Active Mind Body has literally reformed my life.

I have had major back surgery and have been very limited in what I can, since I started Pilates with these amazing instructors my whole body has changed. What also makes it a great place is how warm and welcoming everyone is.
~ Sally ~

I have been coming regularly for one year now

After my last pregnancy I had issues with my back. I had to take things slow and rebuild my muscles and regain strength. The friendly staff allowed me to work to my ability whilst protecting my back. I am now stronger and feel fantastic.
~ Alanna ~

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