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Small Group Training


With dedicated rooms for Small Group Training you can train with a maximum of 5 people where you are led by a Master Trainer.  Much like private personal training sessions, these are specifically designed to meet the participants needs in the group to cater for varied fitness levels. Our instructors are qualified to teach any of the styles we offer at the studio.  We have state-of-the-art Reformer machines in our purpose built studio where we run Semi Private Reformer Pilates. We also have a new completely fitted out cardio, cross functional studio where we run our newest session – AMB Squad!


AMB Squad training is next level Small Group Training, designed to get your heart racing, your endorphins flowing and your adrenaline pumping! Our AMB Squad has been tailor made to level up your training and cater for your needs. You’ll be surrounded with all the expertise, support and motivation you could ask for to help you push through the limits of your training potential.

You will be led by one of our professional instructors. The small group training is a circuit style session, combining cardio and functional weight based training in varying intervals. The added benefit of small group training is that your instructor is there to give you the attention that your training needs; you won’t get lost in a crowd! You’ll get modifications, you’ll get regressions and you’ll get progressions.

Do you have your own Squad you’d like to train with or perhaps you’d like us to match you with a new group of pals?  We will be creating Squad Teams of between 4-5 people in timeslots that are recommended by our members – you tell us when you want to train. Enquire today and tell us what times suit you and we will make it happen for you!


Reformer Pilates is performed entirely on specialist machines called reformers, it is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to learn how to control their powerhouse muscles without putting them under the strain of supporting the full weight of the body. It’s ideal too for those who are recovering from injury. Not only can the resistance be gradually increased as strength grows, the reformer can make strength conditioning safe even for those with a limited range of motion. At the other extreme, anyone wanting to really target and build specific muscle groups can simply add extra resistance to the reformer and increase the intensity with which they train. Semi Private Reformer sessions means you get the attention you need for the perfect Reformer workout. Check the timetable for sessions or create a group and book a time that suits you!


Small Group Training Pricing

45 mins – maximum 5 people
Per Session – $45   5 Sessions – $200

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