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Mindful Well-being Session – Using EFT to Focus

Our next Monthly Mindful Well-being session is Sunday 25 August 2019 4:00 – 5:15pm and it will look at using Mindfulness and EFT to improve focus. You will be introduced to the powerful self-help method EFT ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ to teach you to give your energy an intentional direction: relaxed, open and focused. A topic that is key to anyone studying or who has children studying and something that can be learnt.

In this session you will learn these four easy mindful exercises which can help increase focus:

  1. The Hand Exercise
  2. The Mental Focus Exercise
  3. The Music Exercise
  4. The EFT Exercise“Emotional Freedom Techniques”

You can read more about using mindfulness and EFT to improve focus on our blog here. Our monthly Mindful Well-Being sessions are 75-minutes in duration and open to anyone over 15. The sessions are suitable for anyone who is committed to developing a secular personal Mindfulness meditation practice, including those who may have experienced stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or other challenges in their lives.

Mindful Well-Being sessions are only $20 led by Sofija, an internationally qualified Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Sofija has extensive experience in teaching mindfulness, personal and rehab training an physique transformation. Sofija’s unified approach in fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching provide a holistic style body-mind transformation while staying connected to oneself.  You can book online here 

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