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Mindful Well-being Session – Anxiety Management

“I have experienced many terrible things in my life – some of which actually happened.”- Mark Twain
Is this true for you? If yes, you’re not alone! Join us on Sunday 21st July 2019 from 4:00 – 5:15pm for our next Mindful Well-being session focusing on Anxiety. FACT: Anxiety is hard wired into us whenever we feel a threat and consists of:
– strong emotions – fear, dread, overwhelm and even panic
– unpleasant body sensations – butterflies in the stomach, a pounding heart, sweaty armpits and clammy palms
– scary images and thoughts – worrying and ruminating imagining of the worst scenario that could happen
– urgent impulses – the intense urge to get away and avoid the things that make us anxious

Bottomline – anxiety is unpleasant, and seemingly unhelpful, and it’s hard-wired into each and every one of us. Because under threat, we need a quick response to make sure that we either fight, flight or freeze to ensure we have the best chance of survival. In the modern world the problem for most of us, is that the threat is not a tiger i.e. that we could actually run away from, but a frown from the boss, a thought that we aren’t the right shape, or that internal dialogue “I am not enough!” etc.

These thoughts can arise at any time of the day and stage of our life, and the more we practice them, the better we get at them. These thoughts are unhelpful if practiced in a repetitive way as they undermine our confidence and our ability to effectively manage our problems.

Although we can do many things in our life to make ourselves feel secure, there is always going to be uncertainty about how things actually turn out.

TRUTH: Our very thoughts and sensations can become triggers so that we are constantly fending off threats – that are being generated in our own minds and bodies.

In this Mindful Well-Being session, we will share four essential tips (recommended by psychotherapist Meghan Renzi) for using mindfulness to cope with anxiety:

1. Take a pause during the day and notice the thoughts you are having.

2. Practice a simple breathing exercise.

3. Come back into your body.

4. Try a meditation app.

Using one or more of these simple exercises throughout your day will help you to decrease anxiety, feel calmer, cultivate clarity and be more grounded. Anxiety is part and parcel of the human experience – because things are uncertain! You can read our blog about managing anxiety using mindfulness here

Our monthly Mindful Well-Being sessions are 75-minutes in duration and open to anyone over 15.  Mindful Well-Being sessions are $20 and led by Sofija, an internationally qualified Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Sofija has extensive experience in teaching mindfulness, personal and rehab training an physique transformation. Sofija’s unified approach in fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching provide a holistic style body-mind transformation while staying connected to oneself.  You can book online here.

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