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Keeping Active at Work

Do you find it difficult to exercise during work hours, because you’re always too busy? I believe you can make time for anything you feel is truly worthwhile if the benefit out ways the cost. When you’re working, exercise is a great way to get fresh air, clear the head and pump the body full of good hormones, so you function at your peak and communicate better with your customers and colleagues.

We are encouraged to exercise before work, after work or even during work hours by booking in exercise like any other appointment during the day and sticking to it. But how can we do that? The key is to keep exercise sessions short and effective so that you don’t miss lunch and can do it 2-3 times per week. And with warmer weather it’s easier to get up early and hit a class before work to get that early morning exercise. Here are a few more tips we find useful.

Tip 1: Use the stairs

Whenever possible try using the stairs instead of the lift or escalators, the stairs are a great exercise for your toning your butt and legs. It also burns loads of energy in the process due to the recruitment of large muscle groups.

Tip 2: Walk to your colleague

Instead of writing that email to the person in the next office, stand up from your chair and walk to their room to see them in person. This will increase the number of total “steps” you achieve by the end of the day. The time it takes to walk to their office you will quickly catch up, by communicating in person once, rather than though repeated emails.

Tip 3: Walk 20 minutes before lunch

Take a change of clothes, go on an empty stomach and walk fast.

Tip 4: Contract your abs while seated

Sitting up tall in your chair with your arms down at your sides, pull your navel towards the spine and squeeze your abs as hard as you can. Hold for 40 seconds. In time you will notice the abdominal area pulled in flatter. This exercise provides benefit with no crunches or repetitious movement.

Tip 5: Tricep dips on your chair

Make sure your chair is stable and not one that has wheels on the bottom. Sit on the chair with your arms by your thighs and have you palms wrapped around the front edge of the chair. Move your body forward and dip your butt towards the ground making sure your back is straight and slightly brushing the tip of the chair on the way down. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, push yourself back to the starting position. Just remember be creative, any movement is better than none and adding short bouts of exercise throughout the day will help you burn more energy and reduce stress.

Tip 6: Try a really early morning class

Exercise in the morning helps to get your metabolism going, burning more calories throughout the day. It also ensures that you’ll actually fit in your sweat session. Often in the course of a busy day, events come up that end up squeezing out your workout time. Consistently working out in the morning makes it a habit, probably more so than trying to fit in exercise at different times every day. So try a few morning classes, you might just grow to love it!

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