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Our Yoga at Active Mind Body is for everyone to enjoy! Every teacher and every class is designed to give you the work out for your mind and body.


“Empower Movement Yoga” An invigorating active flow class. Move through asanas (postures) with fluidity and strength, which combine strength, balance, flexibility, and rest. Cultivate balance, strength, flexibility and prana with variations for all to attend. Emphasis is on a strong spine, an open heart, and deep breathing in this practice.You will explore the body’s full range of motion while cultivating precision, alignment, grace, and power. Somatic inquiry, breathing and mindfulness practices fuse with a medium paced flowing vinyasa.

Expect a healthy dose of intelligent & creative sequencing of standing poses, arm balances, twists, backbends and inversions along with dynamic and specific core movements that build core strength and power. Using mindfulness techniques such as pranayama and meditation, these classes will deepen your awareness and enhance your happiness and well-being long after you have rolled up your mat.

“EMbody Meditative Yoga” EMbody combines functional movement found in Calisthenics Yoga and Pilates yet allows for a deeper meditative approach with guided longer mediation for a 75-minute practice.Re-balance and restore with this gentle but steady practice to reset your mind and body.As you learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally want to discover more about the mystery of life and your connection to your own soul. Each class begins and ends with a mantra and includes breath work, movement and a longer meditation (usually 15 minutes) with deep relaxation.

Guidance is given to bring awareness of the moment(s) physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The flow at times is creatively lead from the heart, allowing one to venture and learn to feel this beauty and grace from within. Experience how acknowledgment of awareness of one’s being can grow spiritually.

Yogalates is sometimes thought of as a fusion practice of “East meets West,” because it merges the ancient Indian practice of yoga with the Western practice of Pilates, which was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920s Germany. It combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind and body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement.As well as the benefits of yoga and Pilates, Yogalates is believed to be particularly effective for improving muscle tone, developing a slimmer, stronger physique and weight loss.

Flow, Awaken and Restore Enjoy a deep exploration of the balance between steadiness and ease that is at the heart of yoga. Expect to be challenged to work hard and rest deeply, enjoying all the benefits this practice has to offer. Applying intelligent stress to the body helps build strength in bone, joint and muscle while helping to regulate our nervous and endocrine systems. It calms the mind and releases those feel good chemicals that allow for deep relaxation and exploration of our boundless interior world. Start your morning with a balanced awareness, strong body and blissful heart—challenge—surrender—release

Intuitive Vinyasa This is the perfect for those who are looking for an activity in which they can completely channel their energy. Students are encouraged to breath through the ever changing poses and can expect to feel revitalised at the end of the class.
This is a mixed level class and teachers will offer different options for those of different experience levels.

Restorative Yoga If you experience physical, mental or emotional tension or simply want to experience a conscious state of deep rest then Restorative yoga is for you. This quiet yoga practice designed to activate “The Relaxation Response” allows you to let go and surrender entirely in to deep relaxation. You will be guided through 5 to 6 poses that are entirely supported by a variety of props and allow for gentle and passive stretching, opening and releasing. This in turn brings calmness to the mind, relieves muscular tightness, enhances well being, rejuvenates and builds our energy stores. 

This class is for those who are seeking a slower paced, gentle practice. Whether you’re living with, or recovering from an injury or would simple like to center and regroup during the week. Breath awareness, yin and restorative postures, along with guided relaxation are combined in each session to help students release tension, enhance range of motion, and improve flexibility. Yoga is not about perfection; it’s about learning patience and self-care. Come share the experience of yoga as a path to natural self-healing and centering.

Breathe and Flow Yoga Classes are open to students of all levels and offer accessible alignment principles and biomechanics from which students can be playful, explore their creative potential, heal and transform. Using alignment cues to safely guide students through different poses, instructed breath work is directed to specific regions, especially the chakras and sushumna, for exploration and expansion.

With a focus on breath and feeling, these classes draw from a range of yoga traditions including Vinyasa, and Hatha. In addition to asana, classes include opportunities for pranayama and meditation.



Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.     

      ‘Jason Crandell’

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Yoga Prices

Casual – $19.95 per visit

Intro Pack* – $19 of Unlimited Barre, Yoga and Mat Classes over 10 Days
3 x Reformer Pilates over 10 days New Clients only

10 Class Pack – $180 (Valid for 6 months)
(Including Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Meditation)

20 Class Pack – $360 (Valid for 12 months)
(Including Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Meditation)

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Private Session Pricing

Private Sessions – 60 mins, one-on-one
Per Session – $100 

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