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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditation


At our Pilates and Yoga Studio in Caringbah our philosophy is to combine the traditional aspects of the East with modern demands of the West – a wonderful reason to combine Yoga with a little Meditation. In our beautiful light-filled studio we will help you master your Yoga, from Vinyasa through to Shavasana and post-practice cups of herbal tea. Whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or can barely touch your toes we have something for you.


In this Yoga practice you’ll learn yoga poses for strength and flexibility, breathing techniques to calm your nervous system. A very relaxing meditation at the end to quieten your mind and relaxation to help you sleep. These classes are intended to build the foundations of your yoga practice. Moving at a steady pace with a focus on alignment and instruction. Recommended to those we are new to yoga or experienced students looking to refine their practice and technique. Classes vary in focus and pace, from teacher to teacher so we encourage you to move within your own boundaries and experiences.


Yin yoga offers long, meditative yoga holds that release stress and tension from the body. Positions are often held between 3-7 minutes which may be enhanced by supportive props like blocks and blankets.  This is a deeply restorative and meditative Yoga practice where the connective tissues; the tendons, fascia and ligaments are stretched to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility and restore your body & mind. Yin yoga also taps into the Meridian System of the body, drawing upon traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhist philosophies.

There are no sun salutes, no planks, no Chaturanga or standing poses. Instead you’ll do long-hold seated, supine and prone poses.  Being still in a pose and bringing your attention to your breath helps your practice mindfulness, a tool that can be transferred from your mat to being more present. This class starts with a guided breathing meditation followed by a very relaxing mindfulness meditation at the end of each class in comfortable position. 

Yoga offers powerful possibilities for transformation and holistic healing on all layers of being—body, mind, and heart.

We recommend our Introductory Offer of Five classes for $50 – choose from Yoga, Barre, Spin and Pilates Reformer Classes or even try a drop-in class for $30. It’s a great starting point, the first step to find out all about Active Mind Body Studio and to experience all we have to offer you.

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Intro Offer – 5 classes of Barre, Yoga, Pilates or Spin for just $50 – use within 14 days –  New Clients only

Casual drop in – $30 per visit

5 Class Pack – $129 (Valid for 3 months)
(including Reformer Pilates, Barre, Spin, Yoga and Meditation)

10 Class Pack – $229 (Valid for 6 months)
(including Reformer Pilates, Barre, Spin, Yoga and Meditation)

20 Class Pack – $429 (Valid for 12 months)
(including Reformer Pilates, Barre, Spin, Yoga and Meditation)

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