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Free Community Yoga in November 2018

Our beautiful Yoga Teachers at Active Mind Body are generously offering their time for the month of November to teach a FREE Yoga or Meditation class for the Community, every Sunday at 4.30pm. They want to share their love and knowledge of Yoga, and its many benefits. They are all highly experienced, well known in the Shire and they offer an incredible depth and breadth of yoga knowledge. Active Mind Body Studio is a welcoming studio that has been created for everyone and anyone who would love to experience the happiness of Yoga and Meditation. Bookings essential.

These free Yoga classes cater to everybody’s needs from beginners to advanced, if you are injured or pregnant always let the teacher know before the class begins.

Bookings are essential, simply book online here. Just click the calendar and select the day you would like to attend the Community Free Yoga class. We look forward to welcoming you to our studio.

4th November @ 4.30pm Yoga Open – Linda Banning
Join Linda for Yoga Open, an energetic Vinyasa Yoga flow of postures that keeps the body moving and generating heat. Your breathe supports you to link standing sequences, inversions, forward bends, twists, hip openers, fun arm balances and back-bends; finishing with relaxation and meditation. As a result your physical body will open and release so you feel energized and empowered; you will feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally cleansed cultivating a sense of inner peace. Yoga Open is open to all levels.

11th November @ 4.30pm Yin Yoga – Michelle Robertson
Join Michelle for a one hour Community Practice and experience Wisdom of Spirit, coming back into Balance. Focusing on your Kidney meridians and journey together to stimulate and nourish from within. Yin Yoga stimulates the energy channels (meridians) bringing balance to the organs in the body, improves flexibility and joint mobility. Consequently you will calm and balance the mind and body by working on the connective tissues (fascia, tendons & ligaments).

25th November @ 4.30pm Meditation – Denise Benson
Join Denise for a one hour Community Practice and experience the Elements of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. During this class you will learn: Breathe Work; Locks and Bhandas (core activation); Postures to express an Open Heart; Healing Mantras; Powerful Meditations and Soothing Savasana. Allow yourself to experience the sensations of cleansing, healing, releasing, clarity and Self-Empowerment. Are you ready to learn a little more about yourself? Suitable for all levels.

Please share these dates with friends and family, everyone is welcome.

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