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Beautiful Broth

I highly recommend you make yourself big batch of broth and use this practice as part of your healthy eating regime.

There are so many benefits to broth, you’ll find you have a stronger immune system so less colds and flu’s when regularly consuming it.

I’ve been making my homemade broth for about 10 years now and I couldn’t live without it. There’s so much nourishment in it and I can feel the difference if I haven’t had it for some time.

Bone broth can be used it as a base for soups or just sip as snack in a mug with some salt, pepper and chives.   Always use grass fed beef bones or chicken bones – most good butchers will stock these. You can buy some good quality broths now at some butchers and health food shops but making your own is far more economical. You’ll make 10 litres for around $15 worth of bones.

Consuming bone broth during a supports our organs and nervous system and makes us feel satisfied and comforted (as it is full of good fats and gelatin). Bone broth also helps our bodies release stored toxins and enables us to repair and heal gently. 
Consuming bone broths create an environment for healthy bacteria to flourish and grow in the gut and this healthy bacteria forms the foundation for our digestive system, immunity and gut/brain health.

Making your own is easy peasy. Use a slow food cooker, good cast iron or stainless steel pot. Throw in bones, herbs, vege’s, natural salt, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (a good splash) and cover with water. Bring to the boil, skimming any excess that rises to the top, then simmer low and long. Then all you need to do is strain it after it’s been cooking 8 hours or so.

If possible take some time to make a big broth this weekend and have it for the week ahead. Use it as a base for some chicken or beef and veggie soup, poach some chicken thigh with carrot and spinach for a quick, tasty and nourishing dinner. Or simply sip a cup with some chopped green shallots and sliced ginger for a snack.

Bon Appetite.


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