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Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith


Andrea Smith is a certified Reiki therapist (both Reiki I & Reiki II) and is a certified Health and Wellness coach. She is one of our holistic Therapists located onsite at Active Mind Body Studio. Reiki better known as “Energy Healing” is a gentle, hands on, non-invasive healing process. Traditionally used to help ease emotional, mental and physical ailments it aims to enhance the body’s natural healing whilst reenergising ans promoting overall wellness. Importantly each session is intuitively guided for you, as negative layers are removed, new positive space is created. When Emotions are not expressed or addressed; our emotional layer “Aura” becomes ‘cluttered’ creating mental ailments of mind chatter, negative thoughts and detaching us from the ability to ‘switch off’. These mental ailments then present as Physical conditions e.g. stress, anger, anxiety, insomnia or pain.

Andrea also uses crystal healing the art of lying on crystal’s in coordination with the body’s energy fields, energy centres and energy pathways. These are also known as the Aura, Charkas and Meridians. As a result after your very first session you will notice immediately that you feel relaxed, stress has faded, and there is an inner sense of peace, clarity and muscular relaxation. Andrea helps guide people to let go of the weights of life through coaching and healing, enabling them to be supported and inspired to find the confidence and clarity to move forward in life with gratitude. She helps create healthy habits that nourish the mind, body and spirit.  Read our Reiki blog here 

$120 for 90 mins
Available Wednesdays, Sundays
Additional days by request.
Mob: 0417 458 005
ABN: 58438638052


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