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AMB 21 Day Workout Challenge

AMB 21 Day Workout Challenge is a commitment to making physical health a priority by moving your body each day. 2021 is officially here! Kids are back to school and we’re back at work! So let’s kick off this New Year with breaking the bad habits from last year! Starts 8th February 2021.

If you are like most people, goals motivate you? Well we have a 21-day workout challenge where you can set your own goal to get fit, become healthier, lose weight or just break bad habits. Our amazing instructors will push you, guide you and get you through all 21 days of challenges with our program of daily exercises and our incredible Barre, Yoga, Reformer and Spin classes.

Not a member of AMB? Don’t worry! To get you started and so you can join in the challenge we are offering 20% off our 10 class packs – pay $168 instead of $210 and save $42. You can buy the 10 pack here and just enter the promotional code “Challenge”


It’s so easy, just register here to get started. No contracts lock ins and no joining fee! Register now.


Everyone likes a little company and there’s nothing like sharing the journey with a group of like-minded people who have your back – that’s us! So join the AMB Community Page on Facebook and let’s start sharing the challenges, the wins and of course the celebrations online!

We understand if you don’t feel comfortable taking photos of yourself, but we also know that nothing great comes from your comfort zone. It is ok to run to the bathroom or take a pic in your car. They don’t have to be perfect photos! This challenge is about being real, not perfect and no matter what you look like or what other people think, you deserve to be included in this group and community online! So you go for it! Post those photos!


In just 3 short weeks you will feel different, move better and  we believe will be ready to take on even bigger challenges!


We do like to have a laugh and giggle along the way, we hope you do! Smiling is contagious, let’s start sharing those smiles around!

You ask when does it start? Well it starts Monday 8th February, so register online NOW for the challenge, it’s free to do so AND everyone who registers and completes the challenge will receive an AMB T-shirt at the end as a reward for your hard work.

Then do the daily challenges at home, in the studio or anywhere and comment DONE on our daily posts on the public AMB Facebook or Insta page. We would love you to post photos on our AMB Community Group page, or if you are game post on our public Facebook page post, remember we are all in this together and let’s help each other through this by encouraging each other!

 Register today, the AMB 21 Day Workout Challenge starts 8th February.

Are you ready to get active?! Here’s the program to download AMB 21 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE and print out.

As with any excercise program please read the Terms and Conditions prior to commencing.

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