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6 Keys to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution

Are you sick of making your New Year Resolutions and not keeping them?  Making the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight or get fitter can be very challenging and statistics show 92% of people have been unable to keep their goals by the time they reach February.  With that in mind, we have created a list of six tips for a happy new rear!

Pinpoint your Focus Areas of Life

This is the big one. Taking stock of the year that’s past, and creating a vision for the coming year, helps you to focus on certain areas of our life and where there is room for improvement. What does achieving that look like? How will you feel?  What will change in your life by achieving this?  Does it mean you can run after the kids/grandkids and be around to see them grow up? Does it mean being healthy enough that your doctor takes you off blood pressure medication? Describe your ultimate goal in graphic detail and read it once every morning when you wake up. Focusing on these areas and pinpointing the ones that are most important to you helps you to create change and improvement in your life where you really want and need them.

Break down your ultimate goal into smaller ones

These mini goals need to be specific and achievable.  If you currently do not exercise, then going from 0 days to exercising 7 days a week is not going to be a long-term achievable goal.  Start small and plan it around your current lifestyle.  Look at your current day to day activities and where you can modify them to include more exercise and movement into your day.

Find is the best way to achieve your goal

If last year you tried your own formula and it didn’t work so well, throw that plan in the bin and start again. Take a course, read a book or make an appointment to see a professional so you don’t make the same mistakes twice. I recommend finding a local health or wellness studio with a dozen testimonies from helping people achieve what you want. If you like training with people make sure they offer group classes or if you like to be laser focused on your routine maybe look for one-on-one classes to start. Just be sure to do your homework first and the Internet is a great place to start.

Reward yourself along the way

What will you reward yourself with when you achieve your first mini goal that will not impact on your ultimate goal?  If weight loss is your goal, don’t reward yourself with a dinner out where you will eat as much as you have just lost! Instead you could get a massage, go to the movies, buy some new music or take a YOU-day without the kids. Think of goals that complement your goals not compete with them.

Don’t criticise yourself or give up if you fall short

Every worthwhile achievement will have setbacks and days that make you question if you have blown it or if you are good enough. Start to visualise and prepare yourself today on how you will react when you do slip-up and see yourself flicking that switch in your head, refocus and start again.

Tell someone about your goals and your achievements

Having someone to support you and to share in your struggles and wins along the journey, makes it that much easier and more likely you will succeed. Put your No.1 goal on the fridge, post it on Facebook, tell your partner, work mates and family, join a group class, gym or personal trainer and surround yourself with people who care.

Focusing on these six areas and pinpointing the ones that are most important to you helps you to create change and improvement in your life where you really want it. Rather than just setting the same old resolutions, bring real change and renewal in the New Year by putting your energy into creating powerful intentions for a fit and healthy future. As they say love life and it will love you back.

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