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Are you too Busy Making a Living to exercise?

Are you too Busy Making a Living to exercise? The term stress is thrown around a lot these days and it’s inextricably linked to our modern day epidemic of Busy – ness. Once where the standard greeting might have been lovely weather, isn’t it?

These days you’re more likely to hear “Hi, been busy?” I guess this is an acknowledgement of the high expectations we’re placing on ourselves to manage our, jobs, families, interests, hobbies. The days roll one into another… it can be like Groundhog day. Do you ever feel like this?
Many of us are so busy making a living that we forget to make a life…..From the moment we rise in the morning it’s an endless stream of work and to do lists. We believe we have to push ourselves to accomplish and achieve….but at what cost?
Do you ever take the time to just stop and smell the roses, to appreciate the good things in your life, to slow down for a moment to feel grateful. I know I’ve been guilty of it many times. Pushing myself to exhaustion….and for what?
We’ve all got the same 24 hours in the day, making some time to have fun is important for your quality of life. When life is passing by and we don’t include some things we love – it can start to feel very overwhelming. Can you relate to that?
Schedule some time to go out and do something you love. Perhaps you wanted to start art classes, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, cooking lessons, Tai chi, walking in nature…anything that makes your heart sing. Doing what you love will get your feel good hormones pumping and lower your stress. Life doesn’t wait so give yourself the gift of some fun and laughter –it’s good for your health. Maybe even come along to one of our Yoga, Meditation, Barre or Pilates classes…..

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